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Normal holiday again, said the Minister of State for Public Administration

The last official holiday against coronavirus will end on Saturday (May 30). It has not yet been decided whether the leave will be extended again. According to sources in the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Public Administration, a decision on the holiday will be taken after the holiday in the situation that has arisen in the country. The situation in different countries of the world will also be considered in this case. The Minister of State for Public Administration, Farhad Hussein, told the media on Saturday that it was not yet clear what would happen this time. A holiday may be decided on May 26.


The country has been on public holiday since March 26 due to the Corona virus. The leave has already been extended seven times. The public holiday has been extended until May 30, including the Eid al-Fitr holiday. Cabinet Secretary Khandiker Anwarul Islam told the media that the issue has not yet been discussed. The decision will be taken after discussion.

The most recent holiday notice indicates that no one can leave the workplace during a public holiday. In addition, during holidays, the public and all authorities must strictly adhere to the guidelines (hygiene rules) issued by the Health Department. Regardless of the vehicles operating in the transportation of goods (trucks, trucks, cargo ships, etc.), other public transportation, passenger ships, and passenger trains will also be closed. Even internal roads will be closed. However, some organizations, including emergency services and the media, are on vacation. However, some institutions were opened including shops and ready-made garment factories. Banks are also open. The office will also remain open if necessary.

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