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১১টার মধ্যে স্কুল শেষ করার নির্দেশ

Interior Minister Asad Zaman Khan Kamal said that the inauguration ceremony of the birthday of Punjabandu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman will be held in the procession of the old Tikhon Airport on March 7.

In educational institutions in the capital. A letter will be sent to the Ministry of Education to take the necessary steps in this regard.The minister made the remarks after a meeting of the

Security Subcommittee on the occasion of Banjabando’s birthday celebrations in the conference hall of the Ministry of Interior. At the time, Prime Minister of Public Administration Farhad Hussain, chief coordinator of the National Implementation Committee, celebrated Bangabando’s birthday. Administration and organization officials including Kamal Abdel Nasser Chaudhry were present.

The Minister of the Interior said: “This year is celebrated as the National Day of the Child every year on the birthday of the nation’s father. Various programs are celebrated throughout the day, including Children’s Day in schools across the country. This year, government directives were issued to reduce the time of School day until 3 pm in the birthday celebrations in the capital,

and the request will be submitted to ensure comprehensive security arrangements and traffic management throughout the capital … Read more … Asad Al-Zaman Khan said: “There will be millions of guests from all over the country On the occasion of the opening.

Sufficient for the seat of diplomats, heads of different countries, and domestic and foreign guests, There will be security measures. This arrangement is also made for VIPs in our country. Not only preventing destruction but also those who spread rumors on social media will be censored. Additional levels of safety will be provided for each level of the year in Mujib. So far, there is no risk of destruction.

The intelligence agency also did not report anything. We cannot imagine that there will be any destruction on the anniversary of Bangabandhu’s birth. In such a case, strict measures will be taken against the B involved. Fire service, the medical team will always be ready.

Security arrangements will be made on various occasions in city, department, neighborhood and county companies across the country. The Security Subcommittee and the legislature meet when necessary. All gates will be closed at 5 AM. ”


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