Education Minister Dr. Dibo Money said on Thursday that the new curriculum being created would not contain any department until the tenth grade. He said: “The distinguished Prime Minister has already issued

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instructions on this matter, and accordingly, the curriculum is being improved. From the time the new curriculum is implemented, there will be no additional division before the eleventh grade.”


After the awards ceremony for the annual sporting competition of Chandpur State College, this education minister told reporters. He said that notebooks or guidebooks that are not supposed to continue, will not exist.

No student can be forced to buy it. However, the Ministry of Education unit in 4000 educational institutes cannot be monitored. This requires the cooperation of all, including the media.

There may be books that are useful for students, but they must be approved. Because there is a collection of useful books all over the world. “There will be no doubt if the education law is passed,” the minister added. The general manager of the Department of Secondary and Higher Education said. The master said. Ghulam Farooq, Professor Asset Paran Das, Director of Chandpur Government College and teachers of various educational institutions.

Earlier, Education Minister Dipu Moni spoke as a key guest in the annual distribution of annual sports competition awards at Puran Bazar College City and Chandpur Women’s State College. – today’s news


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