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স্থগিত ২৬ জেলার প্রাথমিকে নিয়োগ মার্চেই


Akram al-Hussein, the secretary of the Ministry of Primary and Public Education, said that the suspension of teachers ’employment in 20 provinces could be lifted within 24 months of this month. Initial recruitment activities may end in March.

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On Wednesday, the Minister of Public Education said that the appointment of an assistant teacher had started at the government primary school in six regions of the country where the complexity of the judicial case had been resolved. Employment activities in 25 provinces are still pending.

These regions may be suspended by March 25. Therefore, we believe that joining and promoting activities will be possible to end in March. Meanwhile, job seekers want to be appointed to the Primary School Teacher Recruitment Committee – 20 (hiring is a step-by-step for those who pass the written test). Representatives maintained the status quo program, demanding the immediate employment of all those who passed the written test and interviewed them.

During the past five years, the appointment of assistant teachers in government primary schools has been discontinued. Hiring auxiliary teachers in 28 years participated in two lakh exams from all over the country. Of these, 1,220 passed the written test and 5.8

recommended for the final appointment. About 5,700 people were forbidden to be recruited after failing to pass an oral examination. Now they are holding a program in front of the National Press Club demanding the appointment of a committee.

When asked about the Minister of Primary and Public Education, he said that there was no thought of appointing a committee. Those who passed the written and oral examination are recruited. Abroad, a commission will be appointed. If someone sits on the street and gets angry about that, then the ministry has nothing to do.

On July 7, a notice was posted for the appointment of assistant teachers at the government primary school. Later, from August 5 to 8 that year, 25 lakh filed five candidates from all over the country. Written exams were held in the first stage of the country last year, on May 28, in the second stage, on May 7, in the third stage, on June 27 and in the fourth stage on June 28.

In September, a teacher assignment assistant in public primary schools passed a written test of 9,8. The oral test for the employment test started on October 1. Oral tests are conducted in all regions across the country for a month.

Finally, on December 28, the exam results were completed by selecting 6,000 people in five regions, and the Ministry of Primary and Public Education released the results.


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